Definition of run-flat in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a kind of tyre which does not deflate after puncturing.

    • ‘Involved are the replacement of run-flat tyres by conventional ones and major suspension revisions.’
    • ‘With BMW's decision to fit run-flat tyres without option to the new 1 Series, rapid growth in the deployment of these tyres is expected.’
    • ‘The underside is protected with material extensively used for protection against bomb blast and fragmentation, and a specially developed run-flat wheel system is also included to aid protection from mine blasts.’
    • ‘When I was with Dunlop Tire Corp. in 1973, they introduced ‘Denovo,’ a run-flat tire similar to the one you describe.’
    • ‘Until now the dominant run-flat design has been the SST, or self-supporting tire, so called because its reinforced sidewall bears the car's weight in case of a flat.’
    • ‘Longer and taller than its predecessors, the Phantom has a unique run-flat tyre system which allows the car to go for 100 miles at 50 mph after a puncture.’
    • ‘Michelin has announced a new run-flat tyre system, Pax, shown on some Renault Scenic models at the Geneva Show.’
    • ‘For example, the Bridgestone Corporation in Tokyo and Continental AG in Germany signed a technical agreement to co-operate on run-flat tyre systems for passenger cars and light trucks.’
    • ‘Design is influenced by a bold facia and radiator grille, clear glass Xenon Plus headlamps and massive wheels fitted with run-flat tyres.’
    • ‘The RV runs on eight wheels that have a run-flat capability and a central tire inflation system.’
    • ‘It feels fantastic on the road at any speed and generates an impressive 0.9 g's on a skidpad on Michelin ZP high-performance run-flat tires.’
    • ‘But, in partial compensation, the ride comfort stays intact over most bumps despite standard-fit run-flat tyres (there is no spare wheel) which have stiffer sidewalls than normal tyres.’
    • ‘Much of this is, I suspect, a consequence of fitting big 19-inch wheels, with their stiff-sidewalled run-flat Bridgestones.’
    • ‘In principle, however, for people who have conventional-sized wheels and want to fit run-flat tyres there is no reason why you should not mix and match, as long as you swap the tyres in axle pairs.’
    • ‘Also the vehicle is equipped with run-flat inserts which allow mobility after the loss of pressure in all eight wheels.’
    • ‘General Dynamics Land Systems produces the Stryker, which is powered by a 350-horsepower diesel engine, runs on eight wheels that possess a run-flat capability and has a central tire inflation system.’
    • ‘Grip and composure are in a different class, yet the ride is supple and controlled, not least because BMW cannot equip it with the horrid Bridgestone run-flat tyres that destroy comfort in other Fives.’
    • ‘There is a tire-pressure monitoring system, and the accompanying run-flat tires can carry on for up to 100 miles.’
    • ‘My test car rode smoothly over bumps, too, despite its hefty wheels and run-flat tyres.’
    • ‘The tires of the LAV can be inflated or deflated from inside the vehicle, he said, to make it safer for different surfaces ranging from deep mud to hardtop, and the vehicle has run-flat tires.’


  • A run-flat tyre.

    • ‘Michelin, which supplies run-flats to BMW, says that demand for original equipment fitting will grow towards 250,000 four-tyre sets by the end of next year.’
    • ‘I was very critical of the run-flats on the 330 I tested a couple of months ago, but I am sure that with universal use of this technology, the suspension systems will be developed to cope with the harshness produced by these tyres.’
    • ‘The bespoke alloy wheels with their 205 / 40R18 Dunlop run-flats save two kg per corner, while the alloy rear trailing arms take a total of seven kg out of the cars unsprung weight.’
    • ‘Three suppliers competed for the C6 tire business, and Goodyear's Extended Mobility run-flats won.’
    • ‘Certainly, the appeal of a run-flat is clear to any driver who has changed a tire on the shoulder of a busy highway or wished the spare didn't take up so much room in the trunk.’
    • ‘The run-flats enable the driver to travel on for another 150 miles at up to 50 mph after a puncture.’
    • ‘These asymmetrical tread pattern tires are not run-flats like those used on Corvette coupes and convertibles and therefore have more compliant sidewalls, resulting in superior handling and ride characteristics.’