Definition of run-and-gun in English:



  • (in sport) denoting fast, free-flowing play without emphasis on set plays or defence.

    • ‘He has said from the beginning that he would like for the team to take a more run-and-gun, open and fast break style of offense.’
    • ‘The Floridians had a run-and-gun team with a lot of fast, breaking.’
    • ‘In back-to-back games, the Magic was able to lure the Knicks into a run-and-gun victory, but the Heat stubbornly refused and beat Orlando in a halfcourt game.’
    • ‘He will have no problem playing in Seattle's run-and-gun offense.’
    • ‘Both have been exceptional in three decades amid run-and-gun offenses, defenses that brought the game to a halt and in today's game that's ready to again emphasize skill and talent.’