Definition of rumpty in English:



NZ, Australian
  • In poor repair.

    ‘we did the trek in a rumpty rental Toyota hatchback’
    • ‘Using KiwiSaver to get in the door of your first home doesn't mean being limited to a rumpty old do-up.’
    • ‘I had to accept I was nothing much, just a strange, other-worldly rumpty reject, but I was here nonetheless.’
    • ‘Yellowing paper files line the carport, more inhabit boxes on the floor, documents fill his rumpty office out back.’
    • ‘There are breathtaking shots of well-known landmarks like the Moeraki Boulders but there are also ones of rumpty shops, rusting cars and roadworks.’
    • ‘We took the main freeway south and then cut out to the coast at Paso Doble, which, despite the rumpty gas station, is still a vast improvement on the Dancing With the Stars number of the same name.’
    • ‘There is history and nostalgia within its pages, with old black-and-white photos of our suburbs in the 1920s and shots of rumpty and brightly painted bungalows.’
    • ‘There's clearly something about his rumpty, unconventional charm that allows him somehow to mix with all manner of people.’
    • ‘It was a pretty rumpty wicket.’
    • ‘Holiday Homes range from smart new to rumpty but authentic ex-hydro-worker's house.’
    • ‘This month, I want to find the rumptiest, tiredest, most out of date house in all of Auckland!’


1940s: perhaps an ironic extension of an earlier sense ‘excellent’, from the regional English noun rumty-tummer ‘unusually large vegetable or fruit’, ‘favourite object or pastime’.