Definition of ruminatively in English:



  • See ruminate

    • ‘Hockney just bought this mirror and it has given him a new impetus to do self-portraits. ‘I usually only draw myself in down periods,’ he says, slowly, ruminatively.’
    • ‘I stared ruminatively into the deep, mysterious water as though it held the answers of the universe, and particularly my own dilemma.’
    • ‘Many years ago when he was running the summer school at Harvard, Henry Kissenger spoke ruminatively about how the liberals in America have "pre-empted the categories."’
    • ‘It's not surprising, I guess, that, by writing about it, I strip memory of its power to make me miserable, controlling the extent to which my imagination works ruminatively and speculatively.’
    • ‘Walking along a back country road, a man comes across a farmer standing by a bar-gate, ruminatively watching the sunset.’