Definition of rumbler in English:



  • 1A person or thing that rumbles.

    • ‘For now we'll have to be content with this little dance floor rumbler.’
    • ‘You could alter the age group and draw the obvious parallels with the adrenalin rush of your favourite game, the latest arcade rumbler, whatever's included on your mobile phone's operating system.’
    • ‘I've always considered a monsoon storm a big event, but the point was driven home one night after a subtropical rumbler dropped an inch of rain in a little over half an hour.’
    • ‘They had all kinds of bucket loaders and rumblers and rollers.’
    1. 1.1 A machine for peeling potatoes.
      • ‘The floor and wall area adjacent to the potato rumbler were very dirty and incapable of being kept clean.’
      • ‘The shop has three fryers and spacious prep areas with freezers, potato rumbler and chipper’
      • ‘If you use a potato rumbler rather than buying in ready-peeled potatoes, you save another penny.’
    2. 1.2historical A round bell containing a small hard object placed inside to rattle, formerly used especially on horses' harnesses.
      • ‘This is a great example of an Edward Sellers Rumbler bell.’
      • ‘The Rumbler Bell is a copy of several bells, probably early 14th century, including one in our own collection.’
      • ‘The find is a small white metal rumbler bell and probably dates to the 13th century, since very similar examples from London are closely dated’