Definition of rumble strip in English:

rumble strip


  • A series of raised strips across a road or along its edge, changing the noise a vehicle's tyres make on the surface and so warning drivers of speed restrictions or of the edge of the road.

    • ‘Campaigners were due to meet city council engineers this week to discuss measures including better signs and rumble strips.’
    • ‘Mr Pearce believes drivers should be warned about the long double bend by either a sign, speed limit, rumble strips or double white lines.’
    • ‘All over the country, councils have their own different ways of slowing traffic - speed bumps, rumble strips, large sections of red painted at the entrance to villages, chevrons, and flashing 30 mph signs, to name but a few.’
    • ‘It was more effective than a speed limit sign, or a rumble strip, disfiguring stripes on the road or pious notices imploring drivers to take care.’
    • ‘There is also a possibility that rumble strips may be included at the final stages of the work.’
    • ‘So the rumble strips along Richmond Road are to be dug out and replaced at a cost to you and me of many thousands of pounds, in addition to the many thousands they cost to put in about six months ago.’
    • ‘Paint stripes were found to have only minor influence on driver behaviour, whereas rumble strips lowered speeds by an average of 40 per cent.’
    • ‘I've asked for speed bumps, crash barriers and rumble strips but I've been told they would be too dangerous for drivers.’
    • ‘On highways and semi-rural roads, rumble strips are preferred to humps.’
    • ‘She said proposed safety measures, due to be trialled soon, included rumble strips and two 30 mph signs that provide ‘slow down’ warnings to speeding motorists.’
    • ‘These measures, over a half-mile stretch of road, include road humps, rumble strips, pinch points, mini-roundabouts, traffic tables and reflectors at a staggering cost of £160,000 to taxpayers.’
    • ‘Car safety features such as antilock brakes and rumble strips on roads have made driving safer.’
    • ‘Dermody insists that rumble strips are needed on Royal Oak Road as well as a pedestrian or zebra crossing.’
    • ‘Cycles do use the ring road, the area between kerb and rumble strip seems to be used as an unofficial cycle track.’
    • ‘The rumble strips provide an audible warning to encourage drivers to slow down early enough to avoid late braking which could lead to such collisions.’
    • ‘She said the white lines in the centre of the road would be made clearer, cat's-eye reflectors would be renewed and rumble strips would alert drivers to pay more attention.’
    • ‘Anyone who travels the ring road will have noticed the new rumble strips which have started to appear creating an extremely uncomfortable, spine-wrenching ride before each roundabout.’
    • ‘Know the warning signs of drowsy driving, such as not being able to remember the last few miles driven or hitting a rumble strip.’
    • ‘I am all for sensible traffic-calming, rumble strips, sleeping policemen and so on to keep traffic flowing, but these chicanes are a nightmare and should be dug up and replaced.’
    • ‘A 40 mph speed limit, more warning signs and rumble strips are to be installed at one of the county's worst accident black spot to improve road safety.’


rumble strip