Definition of Rules Committee in English:

Rules Committee


  • A house of a US federal or state legislature responsible for expediting the passage of bills.

    • ‘He's a member of the House Homeland Security Committee and chairman of the Rules Committee.’
    • ‘Historically, bills have been given a three-day delay in between the time the Rules Committee reports them out and the House takes them up; that requirement has been waived on numerous occasions in recent years.’
    • ‘It will be sent to the Rules Committee for further consideration in next legislative session.’
    • ‘Dreier is the Chairman of the powerful Rules Committee of the House of Representatives.’
    • ‘Among other findings was that the Homeland Security Committee has very strong ties to the Rules Committee.’
    • ‘Frost, 62, is the senior Democrat on the Rules Committee (and in line to be chairman if his party regained a House majority).’
    • ‘After passage, bills go to the Rules Committee, where committee members determine whether to place the bill on the calendar to be heard before the entire House.’
    • ‘These events failed to inspire the House of Representatives; therefore, the Civil Rights Bill continued to languish in the Rules Committee.’
    • ‘The Florida Republican has been appointed to the Rules Committee, which helps schedule bills for the House to consider.’
    • ‘The rules are made by the Lord Chancellor, after consultation with the Rules Committee, the composition of which is set out in Section 413.’
    • ‘Bills concerning revenue and which have received a favourable report from the House Ways and Means Committee bypass the Rules Committee and go straight to the full House.’
    • ‘The ranking Democrat on the Transportation Committee came before our Rules Committee and he talked about the fact that he has changed his view.’
    • ‘‘I wish to thank and compliment the Rules Committee and Mr. Justice Peter Kelly for their hard work on this initiative to bring about major legal reform,’ he added.’
    • ‘As it went through the Rules Committee, the proposed bill has had its language changed from ‘cause serious harm to self or others’ to ‘engage in dangerous conduct.’’
    • ‘He's chairman of the powerful Rules Committee.’
    • ‘If a committee reports a bill that the majority leadership opposes, central leaders may even persuade the Rules Committee to deny a rule altogether.’
    • ‘Also in Washington is Congressman David Dryer, chairman of the Rules Committee, member of the House Republican leadership, Republican of California.’
    • ‘At a Rules Committee meeting last Friday, it was agreed unanimously, with all parties present, that the opposition, as a collective, should choose two candidates.’
    • ‘‘Our Rules Committee is currently engaged in rewriting the constitution, and our national executive is proposing to broaden membership and revoke this rule,’ he said.’
    • ‘An additional loophole allows the Rules Committee to set standards for release of receipts.’