Definition of rulership in English:



  • See ruler

    • ‘I believe she was still fighting at the last, possibly to retain her rulership and to pass that on to her son.’
    • ‘Apart from the Sun and Moon each planet has two rulerships - one diurnal, one nocturnal - to recognise their expression in these altered states.’
    • ‘Plato later built on this idea in The Republic to argue that rulership was a skill like any other, and that therefore we should be governed by experts.’
    • ‘It had immense cities and monumental architecture, yet little is known of its society or system of rulership.’
    • ‘Although he was killed in 1183, Renier may have been given rulership over Thessalonica by Emperor Manuel, and Boniface may have from the beginning had his eye on recovering what he regarded as a family estate.’