Definition of rule the roost in English:

rule the roost


  • Be in complete control.

    ‘in this particular society men rule the roost and women have a low status and few rights’
    • ‘She was employed as a cook some years ago, but now she rules the roost.’
    • ‘Mickey is now recovering from his ordeal and is getting back to ruling the roost.’
    • ‘Before you know it we will be ruling the roost again.’
    • ‘It is the children who are ruling the roost, calling the shorts, setting conditions.’
    • ‘Doctors are in short supply in the interior areas, quacks are ruling the roost there.’
    • ‘Women don't need protection nowadays - they're the ones ruling the roost.’
    • ‘Rather than a progressive process that inevitably led to Homo sapiens ruling the roost, Gee persuades the reader that evolution is based upon a random selection.’
    • ‘Our democracy is crumbling with the politics of fear and prejudice ruling the roost, an electoral system which is corrupt and unrepresentative.’
    • ‘With soap operas ruling the roost, film industry in general has slowly begun to lose its ‘sheen’ among the masses.’
    • ‘With the water starting its autumnal cool down the maggot anglers are now ruling the roost as the fish move into deeper water.’
    be in charge of, run, be in control of, manage, direct, administer, head, preside over, have authority over, supervise, superintend, oversee, guide, steer
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