Definition of rugby union in English:

rugby union


mass noun
  • A form of rugby played in teams of fifteen. Unlike rugby league, the game was originally strictly amateur, being opened to professionalism only in 1995.

    • ‘His parents said the Army was his life, along with his infectious enthusiasm for rugby union and Littleborough Rugby Union Club in particular.’
    • ‘The curriculum was broad, and games meant rugby union, cricket and a bit of athletics.’
    • ‘The committee helped to expose the sham of rugby union's amateur ethos and the union ban which denied players the right to play both codes at the same time was lifted.’
    • ‘Much as in real rugby union, the core of the game revolves around making the most of pack play, and it's this aspect which is the weakest.’
    • ‘They are traditional a rugby league school and have only been playing rugby union for a few years.’
    • ‘The general consensus among those running the game is that rugby union, like most sports, is suffering a decline in the numbers taking part.’
    • ‘He has represented Oxford University and the Royal Navy at rugby union, and is President of the Royal Navy Rugby League.’
    • ‘He's been playing rugby union at Otley but wasn't getting the game time he wanted there.’
    • ‘He also represented his country in two sports: bowls and rugby union.’
    • ‘He owns several sports cars and collects Chinese antiques, but rugby union is his greatest passion.’
    • ‘At present work in West Yorkshire focuses on rugby league, rugby union, girls' football and athletics.’
    • ‘We have two books to give away, one on rugby league and one about rugby union.’
    • ‘Last week I listened to an interesting radio debate about the respect shown to match officials in football and rugby union.’
    • ‘There was a time when he didn't even watch rugby union on television.’
    • ‘We would not expect a football field to be used for rugby league, rugby union, basketball, cricket, soccer, tennis and lawn bowls.’
    • ‘Bolton Arena will be the showpiece venue, with athletics, basketball, rugby union, tennis and judo taking place there.’
    • ‘Illawarra rugby union, baseball, hockey, soccer and netball could also be affected.’
    • ‘There are several sports which involve spinal risk, including horse riding and football, especially rugby union and league.’
    • ‘The news now is that England's victory will see the dawn of a new era in rugby union, with more and more people attracted to the game.’
    • ‘His love of rugby union is as fiery as ever - and with good reason too.’


rugby union

/ˌrʌɡbi ˈjuːnjɪən/