Definition of ruffle someone's feathers in English:

ruffle someone's feathers


  • Cause someone to become annoyed or upset.

    ‘his sudden rise ruffled the feathers of the old guard’
    ‘tampering with the traditional approach would ruffle a few feathers’
    • ‘I felt that I'd ruffled his feathers up enough for the day, or at the very least a few hours.’
    • ‘She describes herself as a patient driver and even the ‘see a space and fill it’ mentality of London drivers fails to ruffle her feathers.’
    • ‘They think this high profile meeting in London will ruffle his feathers.’
    • ‘Jess bumped a side table and sent it crashing to the dusty floor with a clang that shook my eardrums, ruffled my feathers with the irritating vibration, and made every one of us jump.’
    • ‘It's this snobbish attitude toward work place interaction that ruffles my feathers.’
    • ‘It's been a difficult week for the committee that devised the rules, but not one that ruffled their feathers unduly.’
    • ‘Was Hannity trying to ruffle Jensen's feathers, knock him off balance in order to get him to react in anger?’
    • ‘I would appear to have ruffled Mr Foxcroft's feathers in my letter of May 20.’
    • ‘We seem to have at last ruffled their feathers and could be a force to be reckoned with.’
    • ‘All of this speculation has clearly ruffled Parker's feathers a little.’
    annoy, irritate, irk, vex, nettle, needle, anger, exasperate
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