Definition of ruffe in English:


(also ruff)


  • A European freshwater fish of the perch family, with a greenish-brown back and yellow sides and underparts.

    Gymnocephalus cernua, family Percidae

    • ‘The host country were convincing winners with 42.5 points on a canal which provided roach, small skimmers, perch, ruffe and bleak and the occasional sizeable bream.’
    • ‘The ruff, on the other hand, although a smaller fish, makes good eating; its flesh is tender and tasty.’
    • ‘These fish are at risk from other species of fish, especially roach and ruffe, which have been introduced in recent years - some say by pike anglers using them as bait.’
    • ‘The 40-mile stretch of the River Ure includes important game fisheries with trout, grayling and even salmon, but there are worries that many less well-known species such as the ruffe and bullhead are in decline.’
    • ‘In addition to plenty of perch, Roger Baker reported that skimmers, roach, tommy ruffe, chub and bleak were all in abundance, once again illustrating the Ouse is alive and well.’


Late Middle English: probably from a variant of rough.