Definition of rudimental in English:



  • 1Involving or limited to basic principles.

    ‘rudimental music reading skills’
    • ‘That gentleman looked at him for a moment in silent wonder, and asked if he had acquired any rudimental knowledge of the language.’
    • ‘A few moments' study will enable almost anyone to overcome his confusion and obtain a rudimental understanding of these subjects.’
    • ‘We must have Common Schools for the education of all classes of children in the primary or rudimental branches of knowledge.’
    • ‘It is vital for almost everyone to gain a rudimental grasp of basic computing skills.’
    • ‘Colleges are devoting ever more resources to students who are deficient in rudimental abilities.’
    basic, elementary, introductory, early, primary, initial, first
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    1. 1.1 Relating to or denoting an immature, undeveloped, or basic form.
      ‘rudimental animal life’
      • ‘This traditional game can be viewed as a rudimental version of Dao.’
      • ‘The throat pouch is present in the female, though in a rudimental condition.’
      • ‘The foxes in winter remind Thoreau of rudimental, burrowing men.’
      • ‘Mr. King regards these edifices as the rudimental forms of Gothic castles.’
      • ‘Death is the reduction of the living man, back to that rudimental existence, which he had before birth.’