Definition of ruddy duck in English:

ruddy duck


  • A New World stiff-tailed duck with a broad bill, naturalized in Britain, the male having mainly deep red-brown plumage and white cheeks.

    Oxyura jamaicensis, family Anatidae

    • ‘There are an estimated 6,000 ruddy ducks in Britain and reports suggest any total cull would cost around £5m and take up to six years.’
    • ‘The ruddy duck, an attractive bird with chestnut plumage and a bright blue bill is well settled as a species in England.’
    • ‘And last winter, coots, mallards, and ruddy ducks, tricked by a mild autumn into sticking around Buffalo, New York, longer than they should have, got caught in a severe winter storm and plummeted to the ground.’
    • ‘The ruddy duck is an American species of duck that was imported into Europe during the 1940s and established itself in the wild in the early 1950s after an accidental release.’
    • ‘Many readers will have heard that thousands of ruddy ducks are to be shot under a government order because some are flying to Spain and allegedly mating with the endangered white headed duck, creating a genetically impure hybrid.’
    • ‘The RSPB believes that urgent action to eradicate ruddy ducks from Europe is justified if the white-headed duck's future is to be secured.’
    • ‘Some of the wildfowl known as ruddy ducks tend to fly to Spain for the winter and then stay on for the spring mating season.’
    • ‘Brightly coloured bushes and flowers carpet the windswept hills, and in every hollow there are lakes or ponds teeming with black-necked swans, upland geese, ruddy ducks and silvery teal.’
    • ‘Eastham's Great Pond is the most reliable for ruddy ducks.’
    • ‘A controversial cull aimed at wiping out ruddy ducks has begun at two Essex reservoirs.’
    • ‘Having read the letter by Ajaye Curry regarding the culling of ruddy ducks in Britain, I felt it necessary to reply to put this issue in context.’
    • ‘The ruddy duck is being blamed for the reduction of ‘pure’ white-headed ducks, which are endangered due to humans hunting them to near extinction and destroying their habitat.’
    • ‘Dr Cuthbert said as the white headed duck's main centre was in Russia, not Spain, there was no proof the ruddy ducks from Britain were responsible for the inter-breeding and that many hybrids died off.’
    • ‘Each ruddy duck you shoot or poison is a real death.’
    • ‘Nestled in the hills of California's San Joaquin Valley, a tranquil pond invites flocks of ruddy ducks, pintails, and shovelers to feed at its shores.’
    • ‘Introduced to Britain from North America in the 1940s, the ruddy duck is now quite common.’
    • ‘Other problematic mammals include the ruddy duck, an American import that is threatening the native white-headed duck with extinction, and sika deer from Asia, which eat saplings and strip bark from trees.’
    • ‘Other animals under threat of cull on conservation grounds include the mink and Britain's population of ruddy ducks.’
    • ‘The Government yesterday confirmed plans to wipe out the ruddy duck in Britain to protect other endangered species.’
    • ‘A massive cull of ruddy ducks is about to begin in Europe in an effort to save Spain's white-headed duck.’