Definition of ruddy-complexioned in English:



  • Having a complexion of a healthy red colour.

    • ‘A short, ruddy-complexioned man, Roberts often gave the impression to outsiders of being exceptionally withdrawn and silent.’
    • ‘Devonshire in middle life resembled a solemn, ruddy-complexioned walrus with a strong jaw.’
    • ‘He is 87, a ruddy-complexioned, curly gray-haired soft-spoken man.’
    • ‘I half-turned to come face to face with a ruddy-complexioned bloke about my own age, perhaps a little less.’
    • ‘A tall, slim, and pale youth, in company with a short, stout, ruddy-complexioned man, were to be seen conversing and walking slowly together in the direction of Kensington.’
    untidy, sloppy, scruffy, messy, dishevelled, slovenly, sluttish, slatternly, tousled, unkempt, frowzy, slipshod, bedraggled, down at heel
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