Definition of ruck rover in English:

ruck rover


Australian Rules Football
  • A fast and agile player who combines the roles of ruckman and rover.

    ‘utilising his leg speed, he played ruck rover or on the wing’
    • ‘He at times was so agile he became a double-edged sword, almost playing like a ruck rover.’
    • ‘In one game I played full forward, ruck rover and centre half back, which taught me a lot about versatility.’
    • ‘His ability to play as a ruck rover gave them considerable height in the middle of the ground.’
    • ‘The former ruck rover said gambling was part of Australian culture.’
    • ‘The greatest ruck rover to play the game was also the man who gave it its greatest rule.’
    • ‘They were using ruck-rovers a couple of decades or so before the term was generally coined.’
    • ‘So he stands out not only as a ruckman but also as a ruck rover.’
    • ‘He's a hard-running ruck rover with reliable hands.’
    • ‘The very first number one was a key forward but, since then, rovers and ruck rovers have held most of the top positions.’
    • ‘He was one of the first true ruck-rovers and a specialist in the art of busting through packs.’