Definition of ruby port in English:

ruby port


mass noun
  • A deep red port, especially one matured in wood for only a few years and then fined.

    ‘all vintage port is ruby port’
    count noun ‘the wines generally shipped are the tawny and ruby ports’
    • ‘That's why I prefer a sweet, smooth, rounded ruby port wine with chocolate, rather than a bracingly intense wine, like Cabernet or Zinfandel.’
    • ‘The grapes used in ruby port are just decent; still, the wine can be tasty, and the price is right.’
    • ‘The master of the hunt, gave huntsmen and women words of guidance as they sipped stirrup cups of whisky or ruby port and ate fruit cake, while the hunt's pedigree hounds whipped round their horses' legs.’
    • ‘As for Marsala Rubino, it bears the same resemblance to the historic Marsala as ruby port bears to vintage port.’