Definition of rubbity-dub in English:


(also rubbity)


NZ, Australian
rhyming slang
  • A pub.

    ‘I ambled over to the rubbity dub and had a pint’
    • ‘I'm with you, mate. Just take me back to the rubbity-dub.’
    • ‘I'll just get to the rubbity before closing time.’
    • ‘The rubbity-dub'll soon be open to all chunderers.’
    • ‘He stopped at the rubbity dub for a couple of drown your fears with his china plates.’
    • ‘While we was down at the rubbity, a bloody great storm came up.’
    • ‘Let's go into this rubbity dub pub for a spot or two.’
    • ‘I'm going to the rubbity dub for a pig's ear.’
    • ‘Not a bad old bird to have a drink with at the rubbity, yer know.’
    • ‘The old man was in the rubbity having a few beers.’
    • ‘Been down the rubbity lately?’


Late 19th century: perhaps from ‘rub-a-dub-dub’, the opening line in the nursery rhyme Three Men in a Tub.