Definition of rubber cement in English:

rubber cement


mass noun
  • A cement or adhesive containing rubber in a solvent.

    • ‘Between putting tissues on mechanicals and thinning two-coat rubber cement, I spent every free minute studying these books.’
    • ‘While adhesives such as silicone glue and rubber cement may have their place, they should never be used to mount large or heavy objects.’
    • ‘Instead of rubber cement, stick to paste, glue sticks, or white glue.’
    • ‘For years, instead of paintbrushes, Mendez used tools like rubber cement, scissors or a comb to craft his work for his employer.’
    • ‘The slides were immediately coverslipped and sealed with rubber cement.’
    • ‘She reached for a jar of rubber cement and twisted off the top.’
    • ‘Slides were hybridized simultaneously with the chromosome X and Y DNA hybridization mixture being added to each slide, then covered with a glass coverslip and sealed with rubber cement.’
    • ‘It is applied to the back using diluted rubber cement.’
    • ‘Painters, drawers, and printmakers develop n-hexane-induced peripheral nerve damage from using rubber cement and spray adhesives.’
    • ‘Slides were covered with a glass coverslip, sealed with rubber cement, and incubated overnight.’
    • ‘Apply rubber cement lightly to the backside of the trimmed die as well as to the cushion.’


rubber cement

/ˌrʌbə sɪˈmɛnt/