Definition of rubber bullet in English:

rubber bullet


  • A large projectile made of rubber and shot from a firearm, used especially in riot control.

    • ‘Every peaceful group action I was involved in was effectively dispersed with a combination of various types of gas, percussion grenades, water cannons and the very real threat of a rubber bullet to the head.’
    • ‘According to eyewitnesses, 38 workers were hurt in Seville, with three hospitalised, after riot police used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a protest of about 300.’
    • ‘Those protesters have clashed with nightstick-wielding riot police who responded with water cannons, teargas and rubber bullets.’
    • ‘A 19-year-old was struck on the hand by a rubber bullet.’
    • ‘Police firing rubber bullets and teargas dispersed the demonstrators, who gathered on the corner of Jeppe and Kruis streets.’
    • ‘They fired a rubber bullet which bounced off the wall and I went to get it.’
    • ‘A boy aged about 16 or 17 was shot in the leg with a rubber bullet.’
    • ‘West Yorkshire Police last year admitted that they were on stand-by to use rubber bullets during the worst riots seen in Bradford for 20 years.’
    • ‘Police used rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the crowd, and about 70 strikers were arrested.’
    • ‘He has been shot in the leg three times and carries a scar on his forehead from a rubber bullet.’
    • ‘The best example of this is the rubber bullet which, even though it is much softer than a standard metal bullet, and has a lower velocity, can still cause serious injury, or even death, depending on where it hits you.’
    • ‘The police attacked the workers with rubber bullets, tear gas, smoke grenades, and nightsticks.’
    • ‘Sarah isn't afraid to speak her mind - even if it means taking a rubber bullet or breathing tear gas.’
    • ‘I was also told that one of his friends had been hit on the head by a rubber bullet and seriously injured during a riot near to were he lived.’
    • ‘The goal of the rubber bullet is to inflict the right amount of pain to cause the threat to decease charging, or to disperse a crowd.’
    • ‘Initial reports spoke of police firing rubber bullets at the crowd, but a second post-mortem by independent pathologists revealed that the man was not killed by a rubber bullet.’
    • ‘My friend Sean said that a guy was hit in the head with a rubber bullet and the cops wouldn't allow him to stop and treat the person.’
    • ‘One pulled out a firearm and fired off a rubber bullet.’
    • ‘When one soldier fired a rubber bullet lower, into the crowd, I saw one of his superiors grab his gun and berate him.’
    • ‘He says he was hit with a rubber bullet fired by the RCMP.’


rubber bullet