Definition of rub one's hands in English:

rub one's hands


  • Rub one's hands together to show keen satisfaction.

    ‘shareholders in the massively profitable business must be rubbing their hands in glee’
    • ‘When big Australian companies report record profit increases, it's not just their shareholders rubbing their hands together in anticipation.’
    • ‘I grinned to myself, rubbing my hands together.’
    • ‘I know from working in the retail supermarket environment that owners of all large firms at this time of year rub their hands together and think of profits.’
    • ‘Instead, he rubbed his hands together, satisfied.’
    • ‘Besides Clarissa, Trevor was rubbing his hands together with glee.’
    • ‘Then he rubs his hands together in anticipation.’
    • ‘It appears not, while the residents of the leafy lanes in south Dublin rub their hands together in glee, the economists are once again stumped by a story that continues to run.’
    • ‘How the lawyers must be rubbing their hands together!’
    • ‘Statuesquely seated on a sofa, with her carefully straightened hair cascading down her back, she practically rubs her hands together in glee when she talks about her stint as a crime reporter.’
    • ‘Murphy smiled, rubbed his hands together and they laughed.’