Definition of royally in English:



  • 1By a king or queen.

    ‘a royally appointed vice president’
    • ‘England and France had only a few royally sponsored voyages of discovery in the 16th century, mostly searching for the elusive Northwest Passage.’
    • ‘He received a commission for the altarpiece, to be painted for the royally patronized convent church in Madrid.’
    • ‘He was, it is reported, royally recompensed by the imperial pair.’
    • ‘He could not transfer his royally delegated powers to the people, but only to a deputy such as himself.’
    • ‘Being a duke or a count, or holding other royally conferred titles such as vir inluster (in France) or vir magnificus (in Italy), were important privileges.’
    • ‘He was important enough to delay a royally attended performance because he needed to be shaved (he was playing the Queen).’
    • ‘As a result of political party demonstrations against the royally appointed government, the prime minister resigned.’
    • ‘They were left to accept royally nominated commissioners to draft the treaty.’
    • ‘From 1670, through the royally chartered Hudson's Bay Company, England claimed sovereignty over Rupert's Land.’
    • ‘He tapped the wealth of the Church by putting much of its property under royally appointed 'Commendators'.’
    1. 1.1 In a way suitable for a king or queen.
      ‘he was paid royally by his wealthy patrons’
      • ‘All guests are treated royally, says the owner and manager.’
      • ‘The wealthy prince summons her to his island paradise for a royally lavish wedding.’
      • ‘They ate royally and felt like part of the family.’
      • ‘The expression has been attributed to the emperor's desire to seem royally superior, but evidence suggests it could mean other things as well.’
      • ‘At the first wedding I attended, I was treated more royally than the bridesmaid.’
      • ‘It's a great soundtrack if you want to evoke the court of the Sun King in your very own home, or to prance around royally in your best bathrobe.’
      • ‘They travelled so royally and with such a long train of attendants that they attracted the sardonic notice of other tourists.’
      • ‘The prince's family also benefited royally from the bounty.’
      • ‘During the next two months, she was entertained royally.’
      • ‘The Windsor Castle will feed you right royally for less than that modest price.’
  • 2informal To an extreme degree; utterly (used for emphasis)

    as submodifier ‘their priorities are royally messed up’
    • ‘I was royally confused about this story's chain of events.’
    • ‘I stand by and watch as customers get royally screwed.’
    • ‘If you waste it, I'll royally break your head open!’
    • ‘There is no food in the house, but much wine on which to get royally drunk.’
    • ‘If your computer is royally messed up, you may need to back up your critical files and reinstall Windows.’
    • ‘Royally shafted by the studio, they found themselves marooned in pre-production limbo.’
    • ‘It should be royally clear by now that the forces for integration vastly outnumber the forces against.’
    • ‘I was royally frustrated when through, but happy all the same.’
    • ‘I am still royally irritated by the elimination of his character in favor of this macho posturer.’
    • ‘Hasn't either of you figured out you've been royally set up?’