Definition of royalism in English:



  • See royalist

    • ‘There were two options for royalism after 1814: to attempt to revive absolutism or to accept constitutional monarchy - in other words, royal Bonapartism or royal parliamentarianism.’
    • ‘The Internet is a hotbed of royalism; anti-monarchism and republicanism are comparatively thinly represented.’
    • ‘Balancing royalism with the region's often virulent strain of fundamentalism has never been easy.’
    • ‘The history of rights as a political language is properly associated with movements of resistance to royalism, culminating in the English, American, and French revolutions.’
    • ‘In England, the staunch royalism of the reformed monasteries was reciprocated by King Edgar's support for the enhancement of clerical status through adherence to the ideals of Benedictine monasticism.’