Definition of royal road to in English:

royal road to


  • A way of attaining or reaching something without trouble.

    ‘there is no royal road to teaching’
    • ‘I can start, I suppose, by attacking the notion that liberalism or secularism - or even nihilism, for that matter - is the royal road to totalitarianism.’
    • ‘The therapist relied on the client's knowledgeability as the royal road to understanding.’
    • ‘With nations, as with individuals, dependency is not the royal road to prosperity.’
    • ‘And superior productivity is, of course, the royal road to higher wages.’
    • ‘It has become orthodoxy in most texts on politics and political science that something called ‘economic liberalisation’ is the royal road to international acceptability.’
    • ‘This view exemplifies the general scholarly preoccupation with context - historical, political, cultural and social - as the royal road to the successful interpretation of folklore.’
    • ‘Students are thus invited to follow the royal road into neoclassical economics and, in the process, forced to pay a substantial toll to the authors of the chosen textbook.’
    • ‘Freud famously said that dreams were the royal road to the unconscious; perhaps the movies offer another way to get there.’
    • ‘Variation and selection is the royal road to adaptive fitness.’
    • ‘The privatization of large banks and industries from the 1980s, though designed to limit the influence of the state bourgeoisie, actually increased pantouflage, as state service remained the royal road to these lucrative posts.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that Ben is right and the royal road to fame often involves poverty, hard work and a long training in one's art or craft.’