Definition of royal purple in English:

royal purple


mass noun
  • A rich deep shade of purple.

    • ‘She wore a royal purple dress with golden bands across the front, the bottom, and at the end of the cuffs.’
    • ‘The hallway's textured walls were painted a royal purple.’
    • ‘Vibrant acid green with royal purple, refreshing pale green with peaty black and dark green with pastel shades or pure white are all winning combinations.’
    • ‘The shoes were purple and yellow; a dark, royal purple and a pretty golden yellow.’
    • ‘At intermission, she changed into a royal purple costume of the same design.’
    • ‘It is a small wild flower with royal purple, bell shaped blossoms.’
    • ‘Fresh with the morning dew, fragrant with sweet scents and resplendent in colours of bright red, spotless white, royal purple and deep golden yellow, flowers make the ideal gift when emotions turn people speechless.’
    • ‘In ancient times, royal purple, the deep blue dye derived from the glands of Mediterranean mollusks, was the color of kings and emperors - and for good reason.’
    • ‘Leanne decided on a seductive ball gown made of royal purple velvet that appeared medieval.’
    • ‘The notebooks can be ordered from today, with a choice of royal purple, golden yellow, Tahoe blue, storm grey and midnight grey panels.’
    • ‘Lordship here is not a matter of royal purple and a golden seal.’
    • ‘The draperies were, frankly, an orange-coloured man-made fibre rather than caparisons of royal purple silk.’
    • ‘Dominating the room, above the bed, will be placed a large carved crown from which will flow, ceiling to floor, royal purple satin drapes.’
    • ‘Only great men could afford, economically and politically, to wear the royal purple.’
    • ‘One was a cloak of a rich, royal purple so unfaded, unfringed, and well-kept that it looked new, defying the years it had spent in storage.’
    • ‘She wore a royal purple, ankle length dress, with black sleeves.’
    • ‘The blooms range from lavender-hued gray to a vibrant royal purple.’
    • ‘He's 85 years old now and arrived at the auction wearing his official team royal purple blazer from the '56 games.’