Definition of royal palm in English:

royal palm


  • A New World palm which is widely cultivated as an avenue tree.

    Genus Roystonea, family Palmae: several species, in particular R. regia

    • ‘The rolling fairways are lined with coconut trees, royal palms and tall pines, and a small creek bisects the course.’
    • ‘I had imagined an open meadow, ringed and shaded by a few towering royal palms, maybe even a pine or two.’
    • ‘The country is mostly flat and quietly beautiful, spiked with royal palms.’
    • ‘Eventually the gardens became more ornamental and this is largely what you see today, with an avenue of huge royal palms and the ponds with their vast lilies, frilly edged saucers a metre or more across.’
    • ‘The best time to see the Cayman parrot is February through May; you'll often find it nesting in the hollow tops of dead royal palms during March and April.’
    • ‘Trees exploited in this way include the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera, and royal palms, Roystonea spp, which, if left alone, would produce coconuts and sago respectively.’
    • ‘This original palm, subsequently destroyed by lightning, was called palma mater, thought to be the mother of all royal palms in Brazil.’
    • ‘Large expanses of lawns (9,000 sq mts in total) with hedges, flowerbeds and ground covers interspersed with royal palms along the medians are envisaged in the plan.’
    • ‘Multinational hotels import luxury architecture and soil to grow lawns, bushes of hibiscus and bougainvillea, and groves of royal palms.’
    • ‘The organization then set out to accomplish two principal goals: to preserve a rare natural stand of royal palms and to provide protective habitat for wading birds of the Everglades.’
    • ‘Directly behind la Darse you will find the Place de la Victoire with its stands of mango trees and tall royal palms.’
    • ‘When I press my face against the glass I can see Orion hanging sideways in the sky, shooting his arrow upward to heaven, and the cut-out shadow of royal palms.’