Definition of Royal Gala in English:

Royal Gala


  • A New Zealand dessert apple of a variety with red and yellow skin.

    • ‘When I visited they were packing Royal Gala for the supermarket, who had specified that the apples should be 60% red and above a certain diameter, measured to the nearest millimetre.’
    • ‘Royal gala, the first variety to be picked, are now fetching growers up to $3/kg in Brisbane and Sydney markets and retailing at special prices below $4.’
    • ‘There are only eleven varieties on the international market which are well known: Royal Gala, Mondial Gala, Fuji, Red Burn, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Elstar, Idared, Melrose, Canada Gris, Belle de Boskoop.’
    • ‘The Royal Gala and the Jon-a-Gold are still the top two rated apples in my orchard.’
    • ‘The orchard has been planted with just half a dozen favoured varieties, the ones that sell well — Cox, Braeburn, Royal Gala — and one or two experimental ones, including one from China.’


1960s: originally Gala, but renamed following a visit by Queen Elizabeth II, who was impressed by this variety.