Definition of royal fern in English:

royal fern


  • A large pale green fern which has very long spreading fronds with widely spaced oblong lobes, occurring worldwide in wet habitats.

    • ‘Near the streams is an abundance of lady fern, netted chain fern, royal fern, cinnamon fern, and New York fern, often growing beneath a layer of mountain laurel.’
    • ‘This spring the lilies have come into flower at the same time as a nearby royal fern has begun to unroll its crosiers.’
    • ‘Honeysuckle, fraochan, wood sorrel, bugle, blue-bell, few-flowered woodrush, royal fern, hay-scented buckler fern and foxglove all occur on the forest floor along with numerous mosses and liverworts.’
    • ‘Cinnamon fern and royal fern may appear in the wetter areas.’
    • ‘Some are grown for their architectural qualities such as the splendid royal fern, which can reach 1.2m in height in boggy conditions.’
    • ‘Non-woody plants in or near the water include arrow arum, bulltongue arrowhead, foxtail club moss, golden club, Jamaica swamp saw grass, pipewort, royal fern, tall pinebarren milkwort, and several kinds of sedges and rushes.’
    • ‘Where the woods border the Housatonic River appear colonies of large cinnamon fern, ostrich fern, and royal fern, along with the somewhat smaller sensitive fern.’
    • ‘In between are cinnamon fern, giant sword fern, long strap fern, royal fern, and swamp fern.’