Definition of Royal Commission in English:

Royal Commission


  • (in the UK) a commission of inquiry appointed by the Crown on the recommendation of the government.

    • ‘Other stimuli for legislation may come from pressure groups, individual MPs, reports of Royal Commissions, and recommendations from committees, working parties, or other expert bodies.’
    • ‘In 1935, Casey ensured his appointment to the Royal Commission on Monetary and Banking Systems.’
    • ‘Its editor calls on the Government urgently to set up a Royal Commission to investigate and make recommendations concerning the use of experts by the courts.’
    • ‘Despite government efforts, special inquiries, a Royal Commission, and rafts of good intentions, the problem of long term care for elderly people remains.’
    • ‘It is to be hoped that there is truth in suggestions that the government is likely to respond favourably to the Royal Commission's recommendations.’
    • ‘He called on the Government to set up a Royal Commission to investigate the use of experts in courts.’
    • ‘These requirements follow the recommendations of the Royal Commission, and are an attempt to provide safeguards against the improper use of police powers.’
    • ‘Lord Wakeham was commissioned by the Labour government to head a Royal Commission which was to present a report to the House of Commons on the possible second stage of reforms in the House of Lords.’
    • ‘The plans are broadly in line with what the Royal Commission recommended.’
    • ‘The government has published its response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Long Term Care.’
    • ‘There were a number of Royal Commissions on the Police, principally concerned with structure, although the last one, in 1960, arose from a series of minor scandals.’
    • ‘The recommendations of the Royal Commission would have a bearing on any final legislative proposals.’
    • ‘At the end of the Second World War, for example, a British Royal Commission pondered the potentially negative effects of falling fertility.’
    • ‘Research carried out for the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice showed that there was a need for considerable improvement in the approach of the police to the questioning of suspects.’
    • ‘In 1985 she joined the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, now part of English Heritage, as a field archaeologist for Wessex.’
    • ‘The Government is today condemned for its failure to introduce free personal care for the elderly throughout the UK by the Royal Commission it set up to examine the issue.’
    • ‘A Royal Commission and the army assessments in the 1620s and 1630s show that the Catholic diocese of Down and Connor was among the wealthiest in the country.’
    • ‘Even as late as 1895, the Royal Commission appointed to report on the use of opium in India concluded that the drug had no harmful effects on the local population.’
    • ‘I believe a Royal Commission into animal welfare, to set out what is acceptable treatment of animals and what is not, is the next logical step.’
    • ‘In 1998 the record office was inspected by the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts and the facility was found to be wanting.’


Royal Commission