Definition of royal assent in English:

royal assent


mass noun
  • Assent of the sovereign to a Bill which has been passed by Parliament, and which thus becomes an Act of Parliament. Royal assent by the sovereign (in person or through commissioners of the Crown) is required before a Bill (or a Measure passed by the General Synod of the Church of England) can come into force as law, but it has not been withheld since 1707.

    • ‘The royal assent to this shoddy measure is not a victory for the government, but a defeat for all the rest of us.’
    • ‘Those changes come into force the day after the date on which the bill receives royal assent.’
    • ‘It seemed as if the August decrees could not have secured royal assent by any other means.’
    • ‘The Bill received the royal assent, allowing the Ministers of Transport to sign agreement No.2 and the treaty on 17 November 1973.’
    • ‘The bill received royal assent on Dec.18, but will not enter into force until a date determined by the government.’
    • ‘Before receiving royal assent, bills must also be discussed by the House of Lords.’
    • ‘On June 11, the First Nations Land Management Act passed in both houses of Parliment and royal assent will follow within the next month.’
    • ‘These bills have been presented to the governor-general for royal assent and will come into effect 28 days following his decision.’
    • ‘The bill is due to receive royal assent this spring, and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities has said that bringing the act into force a year after assent is granted would be a ‘reasonable and realistic timescale’.’
    • ‘The Bill to abolish foxhunting in Scotland received royal assent on Friday, becoming an Act days before MPs are due to vote on similar legislation for England and Wales.’
    • ‘The bill is then sent to the monarch for royal assent, which is invariably given.’
    • ‘In Scotland and in England royal assent was required in order to dissect the bodies of hanged felons.’
    • ‘Construction started in September 1844, when the royal assent was granted.’
    • ‘The role of the Queen here is meant to be symbolic, although every Bill that is passed in Parliament must have royal assent.’
    • ‘It will become law after Commissioner Peter Irniq gives it royal assent.’
    • ‘No sooner had Bill 174 received royal assent, than the Canadian Union of Public Employees ordered the strikers to take down picket lines and report for work at their next scheduled shift.’
    • ‘The 1993 Act received the royal assent and came into force on 1 July 1993.’
    • ‘The bill then received royal assent to become law.’
    • ‘The new measures form part of the Cleaner Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, which was given royal assent last night along with the Disability Discrimination Act and the Drug Act.’
    • ‘The leader of the House of Commons said that if discussions with the opposition parties reached a satisfactory conclusion, 16 bills will have received royal assent.’


royal assent