Definition of roving eye in English:

roving eye


  • A tendency to flirt or be constantly looking to start a new sexual relationship.

    ‘if his wife wasn't around, he had a roving eye’
    • ‘We got no sleep whatsoever for days before the election, what with trying to keep a watchful eye on the recruits around the town in case some of them had a roving eye.’
    • ‘If you like the place, then chances are you'll come back on other nights also, especially if one or more of the dancing maidens catches your roving eye.’
    • ‘The path of true love never runs smooth but the journey can be even rockier if one in a couple has a roving eye.’
    • ‘Although he was, in most respects, a happily married man, he had always had a bit of a roving eye.’
    • ‘Discounting rumors of his roving eye, like very many middle aged men, this is also a man with his fingers in many a pie.’
    • ‘Jim has a roving eye for the ladies and his air of transatlantic glamour and his smooth maturity is destined to be a winning combination.’
    • ‘A president, or any man with a roving eye, might have been seriously distracted by the young women featured in Townlands.’
    • ‘Smith, who started his military career as a cavalier cavalry officer, also had a roving eye, cheating on his wife well into middle age.’
    • ‘A woman who knows that her husband has a roving eye and meets many attractive women at work may be especially likely to consent to this.’
    • ‘Mrs Boyle suffered many of his habits with relatively good grace, but he knew from painful experience that his roving eye was not one of them.’
    • ‘He was duly teased mercilessly about his roving eye.’
    • ‘Sometimes, his poems of sexual love and lust simply give accurate portraits of his roving eye.’