Definition of rove beetle in English:

rove beetle


  • A long-bodied beetle with very short wing cases, typically found among decaying matter where it may scavenge or prey on other scavengers.

    Family Staphylinidae: numerous genera

    • ‘He offers no evidence except to show that a certain type of rove beetle can produce complex behaviour.’
    • ‘The medical education director said the bugs - more than an eighth of an inch long - belong to the Staphylinidae rove beetle family of insects.’
    • ‘This dung or carrion mimicry attracts flesh flies, rove beetles, and even mosquitoes, all of which have been observed with pollen on them.’
    • ‘Other insects observed in the nests were a few small, undetermined dipteran larvae in one nest, and small detritivorous rove beetles in 10 nests.’