Definition of routinier in English:



  • 1A medical practitioner who has been trained in various procedures but lacks broader knowledge or experience; one who applies treatments in a rigid, mechanical way. Compare routineer. Now historical.

  • 2A person who has only an elementary knowledge of his or her profession, and is therefore unlikely to produce anything innovative or out of the ordinary; (sometimes) specifically a musician, especially a conductor, who performs in a way that is technically correct but unimaginative.


  • 1Of a person: having the characteristics of a routinier; disposed to follow a routine; unimaginative.

  • 2Chiefly Music. Characteristic of a routinier; displaying nothing out of the ordinary; unimaginative; humdrum.


Early 19th century; earliest use found in Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal. From German Routinier person who only has elementary knowledge of his profession, medical practitioner who lacks deeper knowledge and its etymon French routinier (adjective) that follows a routine, (noun) person who follows a routine, person who plays music or sings mechanically and without understanding from routine + -ier.