Definition of routinely in English:



  • 1As part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason.

    ‘large-scale producers routinely vaccinate their birds against the disease’
    • ‘Many companies routinely require credit reports from job applicants.’
    • ‘Shared toys should be routinely cleaned with a disinfectant because the virus can live on these objects for days.’
    • ‘Men middle-aged and older routinely get blood tests for prostate-specific antigen to screen for prostate cancer.’
    • ‘Doctors routinely check kids for scoliosis during regular physical exams.’
    • ‘All children in the United States are routinely vaccinated against hepatitis B at birth.’
    • ‘Diamorphine is routinely used to treat cancer patients, as well as individuals suffering from heart problems.’
    • ‘Make sure that the school is routinely treated by a pest control company, and that it's completely smoke-free.’
    • ‘Doctors routinely put antibiotic drops or ointment in newborns' eyes to prevent conjunctivitis caused by gonorrhoea bacteria.’
    • ‘The calculation would be based on age, sex, weight, and standard laboratory tests that all such hospitals would routinely perform.’
    • ‘Routinely weighing and measuring children is unencumbered by evidence of benefit.’
    1. 1.1 Frequently and without proper consideration of the consequences.
      ‘owners routinely flout local laws about restraining and picking up after their pets’
      • ‘Lessons drawn from animal models are routinely dismissed as 'rat psychology'.’
      • ‘People routinely call the company wanting to take milk on vacation or ship ice cream to faraway relatives.’
      • ‘Consumers with discretionary income routinely spend billions of dollars on e-toys, gambling, miracle cures, and other 'must haves'.’
      • ‘Prostitutes who work outdoors routinely confront clients who are verbally, sexually, and physically violent towards them.’
      • ‘Defence lawyers routinely accuse victims who failed to make 'vigorous enough' protests, as in fact having consented.’
      • ‘As documented in my earlier-cited works, there exists an elaborate Orwellian language for routinely dealing with unwanted dates.’
      • ‘Half said they skip lunch routinely to get their work done.’
      • ‘Policemen and security officers routinely beat those sleeping on the streets.’
      • ‘It is routinely assumed that no leakage occurred.’
      • ‘The law on underage drinking is broken routinely, with few prosecutions.’