Definition of routier in English:



  • 1A member of a band of mercenaries in France in the late medieval period.

    ‘the widely scattered bands of plundering routiers’
    • ‘Soon would appear the routiers, mercenary armies that served one king or the other or, when neither king could pay, would roam the countryside in search of plunder.’
    • ‘As the Hundred Years' War more serious, and especially as more and more routiers spread warfare everywhere, it became more desirable to leave Avignon.’
    • ‘In the 11th and 12th centuries the Low Countries were a prime recruiting ground for mercenary troops, or routiers.’
  • 2(in France) a long-distance lorry driver.

    as modifier ‘a genuine French routier bistro’
    • ‘The Tory press, fresh from lambasting the French routiers for clogging up the ports, is praising British truckers for holding the country hostage.’


French, from route ‘road’.