Definition of roust in English:



[with object]
  • 1North American Cause to get up or start moving; rouse.

    ‘I rousted him out of his bed with a cup of tea’
    • ‘In the springtime, my dad would roust us out of the house dressed in jeans, boots, sweatshirts and stocking caps to go eradicate noxious weeds.’
    • ‘He snoozes for another half hour or so before Jim rousts him with the determined decision to get off this damned hill and out of the rain.’
    • ‘If you camp out somewhere, knowing full well that it's against the law, you can't really get too cranky about it when someone comes to roust you.’
    • ‘There are many scenes that have him rousted out of bed, forcing him to go into action in just a shirt and his underpants.’
    • ‘After experiencing two days of liberty and being reunited with her family, she was rousted from her sleep taken back to prison.’
    • ‘‘I think we'd better go and roust him out of bed,’ Wendy decided.’
    • ‘While foraging, the pigs roust grubs that the pheasants eat.’
    • ‘Still following the sure footing of rocky drainages, we flushed ptarmigan from the willows as we went, at one point rousting several hundred of them.’
    • ‘The soldiers dismount and secure the area and with little warning, kick in the door, roust the residents out of the house, and search and ransack the home.’
    • ‘With a large flock like Cinnamon Nose's, Nop casts from one side to another, rousting one flank of the retreating flock and then the other.’
    • ‘Every two hours, guards roust them to conduct a head count.’
    • ‘A few days later, at 2 A.M., he was rousted from sleep by four or five soldiers.’
    • ‘Now Jake knelt over her, shaking her body in an attempt to roust her, just as Jamie had tried to do with Carl.’
    • ‘So one imagines busloads of volunteers wandering the streets, knocking on doors, rousting people out of bus stations, and hauling them to the polls where they can simultaneously register and vote.’
    • ‘The next morning, he rousted us and announced, ‘Today we're going to make the trap.’’
    • ‘The film opens with an unkempt man being rousted out of bed when the police break down his front door.’
    • ‘Generations of East Texans had hunted deer with dogs, depending on the howling canines to roust deer from the region's thickets.’
    • ‘By the time she rousted two boys out of bed and got them sitting at the kitchen table with cereal and toast she knew she had to go lay back down again.’
    • ‘The two were apparently in bed when the prowler rousted the couple and took some cash, credit cards and then drove away with Holloway's Mercedes - Benz.’
    • ‘Since the dining room wasn't completely full, no one rousted us from our seats.’
    search, hunt, delve, dig, rummage, scrabble, scour, probe, ferret, ferret about, ferret around, root, rifle, fish, poke
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  • 2informal Treat roughly; harass.

    ‘the detectives who had rousted him the night of the murder’
    • ‘The sweeps were part of his strategy for weeding predators out of the Skid Row mix, and not designed to roust people legally on the street.’
    • ‘The cops tolerated the amiable disorderliness of it all ever since rousting a bunch of skating lawyers a few years ago and getting hammered in court and in the court of public opinion.’
    • ‘I would love to have a squad of tough cops who would go around and roust people who don't answer invitations and write thank-you notes.’
    • ‘Officers move in brutally rousting the boys as the recorder plays on.’
    • ‘Though he's been repeatedly rousted, those things seem almost mandatory to him - sacred traditions that honor the spirit of the place.’
    • ‘When you're out on the street rousting suspects, you may grab the same guy twice because there will be six dudes that look just like him on that particular block.’
    • ‘I mean, they're confiscating nail clippers and cuticle scissors and all of these things, and basically rousting people at the security gates.’
    • ‘When you're on foot, Nick Kang can fight, shoot, flash his badge, fire in the air and roust suspects.’
    • ‘Within this urban landscape of have and have-nots live tens of thousands of street children, eking out a bare existence, ever on their guard against being rousted by the police.’
    • ‘The cops treat him like a common hood and roust him at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘These people were rousted out and murdered because of their sexuality.’
    • ‘They don't have to worry about the cops knocking on their door at dinner time and rousting them.’
    harass, harry, pester, beset, persecute, torment, plague
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Mid 17th century: perhaps an alteration of rouse.