Definition of rousing in English:



  • 1Exciting; stirring.

    ‘a rousing speech’
    • ‘While not an absolute pleasure, it's a rousing bit of high-energy entertainment.’
    • ‘The two finales commence in a very assertive mood, always generating that kind of exciting energy which finally leads to a rousing and brilliant conclusion.’
    • ‘His rousing speech did wonders on the spirit and enthusiasm of the men, for a few hours.’
    • ‘Here is another rousing reminder of the glorious dance styles that swept across west Africa in the 1960s and 1970s.’
    • ‘Before we begin, let's all join in a rousing chorus of our anthem.’
    • ‘Certainly, this apathetic behaviour can be explained in part by disappointment with a government that many feel has not lived up to its rousing promises of four years ago.’
    • ‘After a rousing locker room speech by Coach, we went to speak with the media for a few minutes, and then made our way back to the charter bus.’
    • ‘What some attendees remember best is not so much the generous hospitality as the rousing speeches which he would deliver to his executive fan club.’
    • ‘He soon diluted his rousing speeches to become more pragmatic, a move that garnered a broader support platform that enabled him to take 61 per cent of the vote in last October's presidential elections.’
    • ‘The Harlem Gospel Choir is a really rousing outfit with its foot-stomping, hand-clapping blues and spirituals.’
    • ‘Everyone sang the Marseillaise, moderates and radicals alike, in a rousing show of unity.’
    • ‘The album opens with gentle acoustic guitar, coupled with plaintive vocals, which soon crashes into a rousing sing-along of a chorus, complete with fuzzy basslines and distorted guitars.’
    • ‘I would have liked to see some kind of rousing, spirit-lifting choreographed song and dance.’
    • ‘It's a rousing, inspiring onslaught that succeeds in raising the hairs on the back of your neck.’
    • ‘The outer movements are best - rousing and exciting music that can help cover the lack of great melodies.’
    • ‘The rousing finale made up for that, anyway, and its charged conclusion was greeted with enthusiastic and much deserved applause.’
    • ‘It's the rousing finale to the exciting Angel series.’
    • ‘Laya Kavya was marked by vigorous footwork providing a rousing finale.’
    • ‘That impressive pedigree transmits well to this film, a rousing tale of survival against the odds that's partly inspired by a true story.’
    • ‘Coleman also presented an original and rousing lecture at MCA that included slides of Coleman himself looking at the work in the exhibition punctuated by humorous yet insightful commentary.’
    stirring, inspiring, exciting, stimulating, moving, electrifying, invigorating, enlivening, animating, energizing, exhilarating
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  • 2archaic (of a fire) blazing strongly.

    ‘a fine rousing fire that will soon warm you’