Definition of roundworm in English:



  • A nematode worm, especially a parasitic one found in the intestines of mammals.

    Many species in the class Phasmida, including the large Ascaris lumbricoides in humans

    • ‘Before the Ontario Ministry of Health decided that raw fish must be frozen before it can be served, no one was worried about parasitic roundworms.’
    • ‘Transmission of roundworm, whipworm and hookworm requires a warm wet environment to ensure survival of eggs or larvae in soil that is contaminated with human faeces.’
    • ‘Cat roundworms are known to cause visceral larval migrans in children, although less so than their canine counterpart.’
    • ‘Canine heartworm is a serious and potentially fatal parasitic condition, transmitted by mosquitoes, in which roundworms develop in the heart and major blood vessels of dogs.’
    • ‘Lab tests indicate huge quantities of garlic may fight roundworm, the most common intestinal parasite.’