Definition of roundly in English:



  • 1In a vehement or emphatic manner.

    ‘the latest attacks have been roundly condemned by campaigners for peace’
    • ‘The Chief Pilot of KLM, who landed at Barton in January, inspected the aerodrome and condemned it roundly.’
    • ‘The actor has been roundly criticised for his work for years, but here he's on top form.’
    • ‘Companies like his - who were roundly criticised in the CABE report - are getting the green light where better ideas are routinely vetoed.’
    • ‘Airline executives roundly blame their losses on too much capacity, arguing that they can't boost airfares to cover their costs because there's always someone willing to offer bargain ticket prices.’
    • ‘The closure was roundly condemned by many human rights organisations but they all knew their complaints would have no effect on policy.’
    • ‘This practice was roundly condemned by the World Medical Association and prohibited in 1994.’
    • ‘When it comes down to threats of physical violence against people who are doing their jobs, that is something we roundly condemn.’
    • ‘He also roundly attacks the effects of mass immigration into Britain.’
    • ‘This decision was roundly attacked by Californian senators at the time, who stood up for the Hollywood film industry.’
    • ‘Last year, they roundly condemned the growing practice of fingerprinting school children as part of cost cutting projects to ‘automate’ school libraries.’
    • ‘The 1.0 standard - which is ludicrously vague and incomplete, but includes code samples - is roundly criticized, if not ridiculed, by every knowledgeable person who reviews it.’
    • ‘When she came on to say that the set had come to its conclusion, she was roundly booed, making it abundantly clear that this night could have gone on forever.’
    • ‘The show is to be roundly applauded for re-creating Sam Mendes's 1993 London production, even if with some diminishment.’
    • ‘These changes were all too evident to Dover merchants who roundly cursed the valuable time lost avoiding mud shoals and awaiting successive high tides to navigate past shallow spots.’
    • ‘New Left radicals roundly condemned liberals in the 1960s for their reluctance to take sides.’
    • ‘I had better stop here with my recommended additions or I might be roundly accused of criticizing the author for not writing the book I had envisioned rather than the book he chose to write.’
    • ‘This was in the notorious letter to Michelangelo, published in 1550, in which the writer roundly denounced the pagan profanity and immoderate artistic license of the painting.’
    • ‘The Nyoirin Kannon's colorful designs and cut gold-leaf patterns have been carefully studied and roundly praised in the literature.’
    • ‘The power of common criminals is roundly condemned.’
    • ‘Some fans roundly criticized the studio for that decision.’
    sharply, soundly, fiercely, scathingly, savagely
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    1. 1.1 So thoroughly as to leave no doubt.
      ‘the army was roundly beaten’
      • ‘A bit of spangle and the dreariest band gets to count the raves on a hundred adoring hands, even if their records are then roundly ignored.’
      • ‘Levitt acknowledges that years after the commission's ‘best practices’ recommendations were made, they were roundly ignored by many of the biggest firms.’
      • ‘For Hewitt, the violent, uncompromising quality of the natural world is roundly exposed and its exposition has left the poet's perceptions irrevocably altered.’
      • ‘But that data is roundly ignored abroad, and CSOs of multinationals are likely to find that their foreign counterparts are unenthusiastic about instituting a workplace violence program.’
      • ‘The problem now, as Classic FM has roundly demonstrated by forcing Radio 3 to follow its example, is that muzak has become a powerful source of cultural corruption.’
      • ‘What lends it such transcendence - beyond the graceful direction and editing and the roundly marvelous and affecting performances - is how easily it incorporates its greater themes.’
      • ‘He roundly dismissed any analogy between the Algerian war and the Iraqi occupation.’
      • ‘He is no gangster stereotype at all: he's tough, ruthless, vain, and stylish to a fault, but somehow also roundly human, capable of love and vulnerability.’
      • ‘‘The things I've stood for have been roundly defeated,’ he writes.’
      • ‘The computer manufacturer is getting roundly spanked in a fierce price war during a market slowdown.’
      • ‘The author roundly silenced his critics when the densely illustrated, alliterative animal alphabet book sold 1.3 million copies worldwide.’
      • ‘Credit Petty, though, for recognizing both Hart's draw and his limitations, and for creating a roundly entertaining show around him.’
      • ‘The original script of the film had been roundly rejected.’
      • ‘No one seriously doubts that the citizenship provision adopted in 1998 has been roundly abused and should be changed.’
      • ‘Others point out that the argument that a manufacturer can't be responsible for people knowingly abusing its product was roundly overturned in the tobacco courts in recent years.’
      • ‘He was roundly defeated not only where the Treasury could exert its influence, but also in the larger, more open constituencies where public opinion mattered.’
      • ‘In May, the House roundly rejected two major voucher bills, but as new proposals spring up, advocates on both sides continue to lobby around the issue.’
      utterly, completely, totally, thoroughly, decisively, conclusively, heavily, soundly
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    2. 1.2 Too plainly for politeness; bluntly.
      ‘she told him roundly to get to the point’
      • ‘When he didn't like a manuscript he said so more roundly than a nervous author wanted.’
      • ‘Indeed, he was roundly told off by Noel's father, who threatened to tell his mother about his lies!’
      vehemently, emphatically, fiercely, forcefully, sharply, bitterly, severely
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  • 2So as to form a circular or roughly circular shape.

    ‘he was a middle-aged, roundly built man’