Definition of Roundhead in English:



  • A member or supporter of the Parliamentary party in the English Civil War.

    • ‘It's a 14th Century Norman castle, which gained fame as the last Irish stronghold to submit to Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads.’
    • ‘Inevitably a student will want to know how Jefferson could defend revolution in the Declaration; how did he succeed where the Roundheads had failed?’
    • ‘Religion and geopolitics gave the nation a context, an idea that the rebels' vigilance matched that of Corsican freedom fighters, English Roundheads, or even Mosaic Hebrews.’
    • ‘After changing hands at least half a dozen times during the English Civil War, Scarborough Castle has once again found the Roundheads at the gates.’
    • ‘The film, though set during the English Civil War, ignores conflicts between Cavaliers and Roundheads to dwell on the seedy lawlessness sown by the war.’


So named because of the short-cropped hairstyle of the Puritans, who formed an important element in the party.