Definition of rounded in English:



  • 1Having a smooth, curved surface.

    ‘rounded grey hills’
    • ‘The glossy grass rolled in gentle waves mimicking an ocean they would never see even perched so high up upon the rounded hill.’
    • ‘There were fields on both sides of the hill and the boundary of the two properties was at the top of the gently rounded hill.’
    • ‘But curved or rounded lines add a meandering, expansive quality to even the smallest garden.’
    • ‘Don't be fooled by smooth rounded corners of plastic disk enclosures.’
    • ‘Sitting there across from him on the blanket in the park, he couldn't resist brushing his fingers against her full rounded cheek.’
    • ‘The light grey plastic shell is reduced to simple flat planes, but the angularity is softened by rounded edges and corners.’
    • ‘The rounded corners and the smooth outline create an effect of completeness.’
    • ‘His eyes were light blue, his features finely rounded, his beard full and neat.’
    • ‘He walked to the rounded crown of the hill, he procured a metal box from his backpack, unhooking it from a solar battery, and set it down on the earth.’
    • ‘The case itself is rather light, as would be expected with an aluminum case, and the brushed metal and rounded curves look great.’
    • ‘Eventually the track petered out and he had to find his way by keeping the rounded summit of the opposite, Army-held hill behind his back.’
    • ‘A typical element of this regional form is the shieldlike panel with rounded corners, upon which the face is carved in relief in the middle.’
    • ‘The corners are rounded, and the polished, perfectly smooth upper surfaces broken only by the occasional drip or welt.’
    • ‘She was like fire and light, warmth and perfection from the top of her curly red head, to the rounded curves of her body, to the soles of her long feet.’
    • ‘The edges of the table were smooth and rounded, lacking any sort of symmetry, almost as if a puddle had been somehow solidified and turned into a table.’
    • ‘She had a rounded delicate face with full lips that, more often then not, were set in a vibrant smile.’
    • ‘Just as the rounded curve of the lake, and the lodge came into view, they saw two shadows huddled together on a stump.’
    • ‘His skin was perfectly smooth and white, covering high cheekbones, rounded shoulders and slightly jutting hips.’
    • ‘Sarai assembles her more recent works from branches roughly chiseled into repetitive series of rounded forms.’
    • ‘It had smooth, rounded lines tastefully accented with chrome.’
    sonorous, resonant, rich, full, full-toned, full-bodied, mellow, mellifluous, reverberant, orotund
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    1. 1.1 Having a spherical shape.
      ‘his large, rounded stomach’
      • ‘When you have run out of breath, hold it for a moment, and then take a breath in, releasing your lower abdominal muscles release so that you now have a rounded stomach.’
      • ‘A rounded tubercle is positioned at the anterior apex of the cardiac lobe.’
      • ‘His youthfulness is conveyed by a smooth rounded head and an intense gaze, a smile suffusing his face with spiritual radiance and wisdom.’
      • ‘They possess no beard on their good-natured faces and their stomachs are usually rounded.’
      • ‘The artist began the portrait in 2001, starting with her slightly rounded stomach so as to fix it in paint before it grew more swollen.’
      • ‘He looked at her face, her head was kind of rounded, and almost heart shaped with a widow's peak.’
      • ‘Near these rocks lies one of two sacred objects in the shape of a rounded stone.’
      • ‘Small, rounded gray stones composed the path she walked on.’
      • ‘It is maintained with smooth rounded cobbles from the seashore, used just as they were thousands of years ago.’
      • ‘I watched the city pass by, the narrow, winding streets with their rounded paving stones, the precarious buildings that'd never known an architect's touch.’
      • ‘The large granite bowl was perfectly balanced on a rounded bottom, the slightest touch would tilt it one way or another.’
      • ‘This is a pile of brick fragments smoothed by water so that they look more like rounded stones than building blocks.’
      • ‘The figure's face was arranged similarly to that of a human, though the rounded skull showed no signs of ever having had a full head of hair.’
      • ‘The probe sent back pictures of rounded rocks, which are most likely ice blocks with their hard edges eroded by flowing rivers of methane.’
      • ‘Her gaze was transfixed by his square shoulders, his rounded pectorals and his flat stomach.’
      • ‘Next to this title there was a large color picture of a woman with a large, rounded belly.’
      • ‘Within minutes, he had shaped the rock into a perfectly rounded, and very shiny, ball of silver.’
      • ‘Concrete is masked by the crushed stone of the paths, and smooth, rounded carefully graded stones round the bases of the rods.’
      • ‘She looked suspiciously at them, until she saw Adrin's rounded stomach, and she calmed down a bit.’
      • ‘He smiled over at Marietta, then his face paled and he froze, seeing Marietta's rounded stomach and radiant face.’
      circular, disc-shaped, disc-like
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    2. 1.2 Forming circular or elliptical shapes.
      ‘his writing was firm and rounded’
    3. 1.3Phonetics (of a vowel) pronounced with the lips narrowed and protruded.
  • 2Well developed in all aspects; complete and balanced.

    ‘we should educate children to become rounded human beings’
    • ‘We get a fully rounded sense of Shylock too, a sense of a mind at work and even play of a sort on the stage.’
    • ‘The drama would have felt much more rounded had the courtroom scene been the big finale.’
    • ‘His secret life was just that, too secret to ultimately be known and give a rounded picture of the man handsome and charismatic enough to be a pop star himself.’
    • ‘Both pictures spear the dark heart of human relationships, but the former is more rounded.’
    • ‘Yet somehow that book failed to conjure up a sense of Godwin as a fully rounded human being.’
    • ‘Missing from the documentary is a more rounded picture of Dengler's life after his return to the U.S. from Vietnam.’
    • ‘The production throughout is rich and rounded: all sonorous bass-end and shimmering top.’
    • ‘It is an absolutely horrible, filthy job but all part of my rounded development, I guess.’
    • ‘Carrying around a picture of a loved one can help us to remain more content, more rounded human beings.’
    • ‘The film is more rounded than the theatrical version, and the background material is exhaustive and satisfying.’
    • ‘An element of tragedy that occurs has far less impact than it might have had in a more rounded picture.’
    • ‘What you get here's a rounded picture - and it's all the better for it.’
    • ‘Orafai gives the most fully rounded of the film's performances, displaying a weary dignity and grace under pressure that is moving.’
    • ‘Some of her evidence, for example, gives us a much more rounded view of him.’
    • ‘They give us a fresh and more rounded view of a woman who in her lifetime carefully edited her works to create the character she wanted.’
    • ‘He has taken the first step towards a more rounded and objective appraisal of an important statesman.’
    • ‘The volume will help Yeats scholars to get a more rounded view of his literary output by showing how important was his work as a dramatist.’
    • ‘In my experience, those who stall are often players who have not developed a rounded game.’
    • ‘If the volume is kept down, this latter tendency can provide one with a more rounded and engaging picture of Weblog writers who one might not otherwise know well.’
    • ‘There is a lack of balance that prevents the reader gaining a more rounded sense of Richter's achievement.’