Definition of round trip in English:

round trip


  • 1A journey to one or more places and back again, especially by a route that does not cover the same ground twice.

    • ‘The publicity secretary said people wishing to travel would only pay a nominal fee of K50,000 for a round trip including meals.’
    • ‘Tour managers will make two-hour round trips to retrieve mislaid mobile phones, and they'll field calls from partners.’
    • ‘Kim returned home Aug.18 after a three-week round-trip railway trip across the vast expanse of Siberia to Moscow and St. Petersburg.’
    • ‘My matured ‘sister’ agreed, and took my two best friends on a round trip through the town.’
    • ‘While removing the old transformer, I noticed that most of its legs had sheared off: a process that began whenever the unit had been shipped - a round trip from Maui to New York City and then to the Twin Cities.’
    • ‘The round trip is a whopping 12,400 miles, and Nicole's journey is the fastest known return migration of any swimming animal, the researchers say.’
    • ‘The next week, after I had returned the car, I was presented with the data of my weekend's journeys, which included one 60 mile round trip to Mornington.’
    • ‘Sometimes the hefty hard copies made several round trips before everybody agreed on protocols - a process that typically took at least two months.’
    • ‘He stretched for a bit and then got up and jogged a five-mile round trip about the neighborhood.’
    • ‘It took two days to make the round trip by wagon to Stuart, a total distance of about thirty-five miles.’
    • ‘The thought that my bottle could travel over 10,000 miles on a round trip passing through several industrial processes just to find its way back to the shelf is outrageous.’
    1. 1.1North American often as modifier A journey to a place and back again, along the same route.
      ‘a round-trip air fare’
      • ‘The award is a free round trip ticket to Hawaii during your summer break.’
      • ‘I'm pretty sure I could weasel enough money out of the budget for a round trip ticket to Texas.’
      • ‘For the record, I drove it 332 miles, including a round trip from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, and got a respectable 51.7 mpg.’
      • ‘Trucks, buses, and horse-pulled wagons paid seventy-five cents for a round trip.’
      • ‘He was torn between hope that the guard had remembered correctly and hope that Aidan was telling the truth as he purchased an open-ended round trip ticket to Munich, Germany.’
      • ‘It might make the round trip in the day - it is all of eighty miles between the two addresses - but it was impossible to say when it would reach the customer.’
      • ‘A round trip ticket costs between €800 and €1100.’
      • ‘This will save attendees $1 off a round trip ticket.’
      • ‘Congratulations, you have just won a round trip airplane ticket to an island of your choice.’
      • ‘She now drives daily the hundred-mile round trip between St. Johnsbury Academy classes and Dartmouth College.’
      • ‘We'll be on this ship when it makes the round trip back.’
      • ‘At this time, next winter's round-trip fares between New York and London, excluding tax, are $375 weekdays and $433 for weekends.’
      • ‘The purchase of a lithograph would entitle each buyer to a four-day weekend for two in Paris, including round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations.’
      • ‘A round trip flight would take me approximately 5,640 miles, and my portion of the flight's CO2 emissions would equal more than 2,480 pounds.’
      • ‘I took a lot more money than what I would need for a round trip plane ticket, a car rental, and a hotel.’
      • ‘The van will make three round trips on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and the service will be provided free of charge.’
      • ‘Carriers aren't likely to increase the number of miles needed for free round trips because they don't want to anger those partners.’
      • ‘I paid around $50 for a round-trip business-class seat, which was cheaper than gas for a car, cushier than a first-class airplane seat and equipped with AC power for my laptop.’
      • ‘That $45 London-Nice round-trip, when purchased at the last minute, could cost up to $450.’
      • ‘With each round-trip domestic flight booked, the company donates $11 to the offset program, rendering the trip effectively emissions neutral.’


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