Definition of round shot in English:

round shot


mass nounhistorical
  • Ammunition in the form of cast-iron or steel spherical balls for firing from cannon.

    ‘most of the roof had been removed by round shot’
    count noun ‘the crash of a round shot’
    • ‘If you read back in the history, you find that they fired all kinds of things out of the cannons: not only round shot, but also chain shot, bar shot, grape shot.’
    • ‘Cannon were the most difficult component to produce in the colonies, but the United States produced simple iron smoothbore tubes and round shot as early as 1777.’
    • ‘At Zhoushan the naval commander, in his barrage covering the landing, used round shot instead of grape or canister, in order to minimize Chinese casualties.’
    • ‘Stacking round shot on deck would also create danger whenever the ship encountered rough seas.’
    • ‘On 23 October 1854, he recorded the number of guns, ammunition requirements, and a shortage of round shot, a report which the Russian embassy telegraphed to St Petersburg the day it appeared.’