Definition of round (or around) the clock in English:

round (or around) the clock


  • All day and all night.

    ‘I've got a team working around the clock’
    as adjective ‘round-the-clock surveillance’
    • ‘We fought around the clock and continued to support the Marines as they cleared houses.’
    • ‘Doctors and surgeons are working around the clock as the injured continue to arrive from outlying areas.’
    • ‘Work is going on round the clock to ensure the opening night goes as planned.’
    • ‘The second day, we could have legitimately reported flights were taking off round the clock day and night.’
    • ‘The containers continued to arrive around the clock for the next several days.’
    • ‘Jointing on the first cables will begin shortly and will continue round the clock.’
    • ‘Meanwhile Glasgow City Council has pledged that staff will continue to work around the clock to ease road and footpath problems.’
    • ‘Employers argue that hospitals are busy around the clock and learning takes place throughout the day and night.’
    • ‘For the last four days, a team of more than 400 workers has operated around the clock to ready the city for its big night.’
    • ‘Flood prevention workers continue to patrol the dam around the clock.’