Definition of roulade in English:



  • 1A dish cooked or served in the form of a roll, typically made from a flat piece of meat, fish, or sponge, spread with a soft filling and rolled up into a spiral.

    • ‘If that was not enough Bruno and Fredi then offered a beef and veal roulade in a red wine sauce, surrounded most decoratively with mashed potatoes in swirls.’
    • ‘Stuffed octopus, squid, and cuttlefish are served with a tomato sauce, while a roulade of beef known as bragoli is served with gravy.’
    • ‘Low tea is the tea in which crustless sandwiches, petit fours, and salmon roulades are likely to be served.’
    • ‘For the roulade: On a half sheet pan covered with plastic wrap, lay out the prosciutto slices, slightly overlapping.’
    • ‘Place a slice of roulade on top of each of the brioche rounds.’
  • 2A florid passage of runs in classical music for a solo virtuoso, especially one sung to one syllable.

    ‘Mozart's Constanze sings her defiance in proudly beautiful roulades’
    • ‘He seemed to relish the fiercely difficult coloratura roulades of ‘Agitata da Due Venti’ from Griselda.’
    • ‘Her coloratura was superbly executed, yet finely integrated into the performance; each roulade told you something about Zerbinetta and was not just a cause for showing off.’
    • ‘Her smallish soprano voice did not have the coloratura roulades or high Cs for Strauss's ‘Voices of Spring Waltzes' Op 410.’
    • ‘At the New York City Opera he sang the title role of Handel's Rinaldo, a marathon venture with eight arias, two duets, and batches of tricky roulades.’
    • ‘These vocal roulades evoke the little lad's vacancy as he travels through the night, knowing nothing of his destiny nor even knowing that he doesn't know!’


French, from rouler to roll.