Definition of roughness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality or state of having an uneven or irregular surface.

    ‘the craggy roughness of every peak’
    • ‘Sound has qualities of all that exists in the world—taste, smell, roughness, smoothness—you can have a triangle sound and a round sound.’
    • ‘In spite of the roughness of her hard-worked hands, they had a gentle touch.’
    • ‘The resultant cured silicone surface has an increased roughness.’
    • ‘With surface as the primary carrier of pictorial information, the intentional roughness of the paint exacerbates the tension in the work.’
    • ‘When he crashes against it and abrades his cheek upon its cold roughness, he realizes it is a tombstone.’
    • ‘Adding a coulter increased draft force and caused greater soil surface roughness compared with the sweep alone.’
    • ‘Flat-bottomed crossings are often installed to ensure that factors like the natural stream gradient and bed roughness allow fish passage.’
    • ‘Acidic liquids can discolour the surface or even eat into the top layer of concrete, leaving a slight roughness.’
    • ‘The problem is marginal, so increased surface roughness and improved pre-dry may do the trick.’
    • ‘Chemical peels are used for smoothing away roughness and fine lines.’
  • 2The quality of lacking gentleness.

    ‘a certain amount of playfighting and roughness is normal for dogs’
    • ‘With each breath, the roughness became a little fuller, a little more unbearable.’
    • ‘They moved with the right amount of physical roughness and then gentleness.’
    • ‘She played sports with the guys, never minding their roughness.’
    • ‘While boys were associated with roughness, the typical hero of a children's book embodied tenderness, refinement, and restraint.’
    • ‘He is dominated by the forces of anxiety, paranoia, and anger, which manifest in a roughness and impatience toward his beautiful neighbor.’
    • ‘They would go home that night and take their wives with more roughness and passion than ever the poor women themselves evoked.’
    • ‘Not seeming very happy with my sudden roughness, she just looked at me, mouth slightly open.’
    • ‘This alternative standard sanctioned both moderate drinking and a degree of roughness.’
    • ‘With all his toughness and roughness, you still felt that behind it all, there was a tender heart.’
    • ‘These workers had earned an unenviable reputation for roughness.’
  • 3The quality of not being refined or completed.

    ‘the roughness of his drawing’
    • ‘The roughness and want of refinement, which is legitimately complained of in this country, is often mitigated by instances of civility.’
    • ‘He deplored the inelegant roughness and dull hilarity of their conversation.’
    • ‘The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is its roughness, as it sounds like it was recorded in a basement.’
    • ‘His ignorance is a pure ruse, comparable to the roughness of his seemingly foolish discourse.’
    • ‘She continues to grow beyond her billing as a singer of jazz standards, but even more striking is the agreeable roughness of this selected rough mix.’
    • ‘The roughness of the album appears intentional rather than unfinished.’
    • ‘A veteran of over 50 shorts, the director obviously has a good sense for the medium despite some roughness around the edges.’
    • ‘The sunny colours, the life-death subject matter, and the roughness of the work all come together for a charming package.’
    • ‘Overall, these kids mix roughness and refinement to their advantage, occasionally stripping it down to shimmering layers of acoustic guitar or piano.’
    • ‘While not always rocking a smooth mix, the roughness adds character.’
  • 4The quality of sounding harsh and rasping.

    ‘her voice has a throaty roughness to it’
    • ‘The most common presenting symptoms were vocal roughness, vocal fatigue, and decreased vocal endurance.’
    • ‘Hoarseness could imply breathiness, roughness, voice breaks, or unnatural pitch changes.’
    • ‘He has a roughness in his voice, recently deepened somewhat by throat surgery.’
    • ‘Just keeping the roughness of a voice in key impresses me.’
    • ‘Some years ago I witnessed the extinction of the roughness of tone in his voice—not just the grain, but the grain of sand in it.’
    • ‘The organic roughness of his shaky tones periodically overwhelms and drowns out the impassive stillness of his collaborator.’
    • ‘Her voice retains that bleach-drunk roughness that made her so appealing in the first place.’
    • ‘The correlation coefficients for overall spectral noise level and perceived vowel roughness were all significant.’
    • ‘He has added a hint of roughness to his voice, but I still feel that he relies too much on his extraordinary physical presence.’
    • ‘The producer has done his best with the mastering here, but listeners will note a roughness to the sound.’