Definition of roughcast in English:



mass noun
  • Plaster of lime, cement, and gravel, used on outside walls.

    • ‘She was aware that her neighbour had previously been conned by callers who had replaced guttering and some of the roughcast on her bungalow walls.’
    • ‘A new purpose-built thing in white roughcast, it doubled as a tourist information office and flew the Starred Circle flag of Europe.’
    • ‘It was built in 1924 by Captain Wolte Murray of brick and roughcast with lattice windows all under a slate roof.’


  • 1(of a building or part of a building) coated with roughcast.

    • ‘The roughcast house rented by the city was ‘wholly insufficient for securing the health and comfort of the children’ and required a large amount of fuel to heat.’
    • ‘His backstreet bistro is beamed, roughcast, tongue and groove, decorated with bibulous 19th-century prints by Gilbert-Martin, barrels, etc.’
    • ‘The careful restoration of this house will include repairing the roof with its small slates and preserving all the original features such as the roughcast limewashed walls.’
    • ‘The building's exterior is expressed as a complicated form of three white intersecting roughcast walls supporting a concrete convex roof.’
    • ‘The restaurant room was large, with white roughcast walls and wooden panels, exposed beams and dark wood furniture.’
    • ‘Its core is a white roughcast house of the Thirties, which still owes something to the Arts and Crafts tradition of maintaining an at least cosmetic adherence to local materials.’
    • ‘To the street, it presents a long white roughcast wall, which moves a little in plane to accommodate the entrance.’
    • ‘The houses will have timber windows and sheeting, and a brick and roughcast render.’
    • ‘There are no architectural features, with one exception of a roughcast rustic bridge in the left foreground.’
  • 2(of a person) lacking refinement.

    ‘she thought of the roughcast yeomen she would meet’
    boorish, loutish, oafish, brutish, coarse, crude, uncouth, rough-hewn, vulgar, unrefined, unladylike, ungentlemanly, uncultured, ill-bred, ill-mannered, unmannerly, impolite, churlish, discourteous, uncivil, ungracious, rude, brusque, blunt, curt
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[with object]
  • Coat (a wall) with roughcast.

    ‘the walls were roughcast as in an underground garage’