Definition of rough justice in English:

rough justice


  • Treatment that is not scrupulously fair or in accordance with the law.

    • ‘These days it seems you don't have to look very far to find someone handing out pitchforks and torches and organizing a mob to administer rough justice on some bar.’
    • ‘But there seems a kind of rough justice in his being forced to arbitrate between Satan and God in a diabolical chat show and, for all its shock and schlock tactics, the show implies that TV has a moral responsibility.’
    • ‘The overall American legal framework was reinterpreted and adapted to fit the exigent circumstances, and rough justice was often the result.’
    • ‘But if that's what happened in these cases, it's at least rough justice.’
    • ‘It's rough justice, but justice all the same, from a certain point of view.’
    • ‘Such rough justice is popular, but it is hardly an ideal atmosphere in which to persuade people to in effect sign up voluntarily for the sex offenders’ register.’
    • ‘Yet comparing price-sales ratios offers a couple of advantages: First, it exacts a kind of rough justice, just the sort the market has been meting out lately.’
    • ‘It is rough justice, but with a sound foundation.’
    • ‘But in the meantime, it's hard to feel too bothered when the Internet community's long-established tradition of dispensing its own rough justice means that the world has one less spam king.’
    • ‘The problem with such a proactive system of justice is that it is prone to rough justice.’


rough justice

/ˌrʌf ˈdʒʌstɪs/