Definition of rough grazing in English:

rough grazing


mass noun
  • 1Uncultivated land used for grazing livestock.

    ‘incentives for farmers to produce more have led to rough grazing being ploughed up for crops’
    • ‘Most of it is hill land, rough grazing fit only for the tups and ewes of the Lauderhill Sheep Company who plaster the unfenced road with signs saying ‘Kill Speed, Not Lambs’.’
    • ‘The quarry, a 106-acre mix of flooded gravel workings and rough grazing, has also been designated a statutory local nature reserve by Hambleton Council.’
    • ‘‘Even the lower stocking rates associated with environmental prescriptions for semi-natural rough grazing are not enough to prevent over-grazing of favoured areas,’ he stresses.’
    • ‘The Big Pasture, as its name implies, was a large field of rough grazing which was at the furthest extent of the farm and bordered on one side by the river.’
    • ‘More land was used within the existing area of cultivation, by reducing the amount of fallow land, and replacing permanent pasture and rough grazing with arable rotations.’
    • ‘17 Acres of rough grazing with a small grazing right on the mountain sold at €50,000 to an adjoining farmer.’
    • ‘It is just rough grazing at the moment, but even after 50 years you can still see the old salt marsh creeks which the water flowed through.’
    • ‘She said the unrealistic 170 kg per hectare limit took no account of the fact that over 90% of the entire agricultural area of Ireland was devoted to grass and rough grazing.’
    • ‘They require a mosaic of heath, blanket bog and wetland, with rough grazing, shrubs and trees for cover.’
    • ‘The land has been used throughout for rough grazing so that informal public recreation on the land has not conflicted with its agricultural use.’
    • ‘Conversion to unimproved grassland or rough grazing will provide £25 per hectare per year, then drop off over the five years of the funding to total £50.’
    • ‘Announced by the Rural Development Minister, the changes will come into effect in 2002 and increase payments to beef farmers and rough grazing.’
    1. 1.1count noun A piece of rough grazing.
      ‘techniques suitable for unimproved rough grazings’