Definition of rough copy in English:

rough copy


  • 1A first draft of a piece of writing.

    • ‘I almost never proofread because almost all my stories are spur-of-the-moment rough copies.’
    • ‘I'll let you in on a little secret: I usually try to bang these things out, at least a rough copy, on the Sunday night prior to the Thursday on which you read them.’
    • ‘I'm using this site to store the very rough copy of my story, so yes there are mistakes.’
    • ‘I haven't edited this one too much (It was either up today as a rough copy, or up Sunday a little more polished) and same with the next one.’
    • ‘I re-read the rough copy of this the other day, and have completely rediscovered my enthusiasm for it!’
    • ‘He picked up a printed off rough copy and stood, then walked to the paper shredder in his office.’
    • ‘We encourage paper recycling and so drafts and rough copies are printed on the back of previously used, but no longer needed pieces of A4.’
  • 2A copy of a picture showing only the essential features.

    • ‘‘Basically we're using the elemental table to find out how to identify unknown substances,’ Chado said, pulling out the rough copy of the elemental table.’
    • ‘Look at these rough copies, little contact prints, glued.’
    • ‘She painted the other, whom she nicknamed ‘Spy,’ subconsciously painting a rough copy of herself, same aquiline nose, short stature, Asian complexion, and long dark hair.’
    • ‘It's a rough copy of the map the Judiciar keeps for tax collecting.’